TemperPack was founded in 2015 for the purpose of bringing sustainable packaging technology to companies that ship large volumes of perishable goods.

The nexus of the company’s launch came down to three observations.

  • The rise of e-commerce has resulted in an exorbitant amount of new packaging materials. Consumers, companies and governments have taken notice.
  • Unlike other items sold online, perishables require special packaging. Environmentally harmful plastic foams are still ubiquitously used for insulation. Large brand-conscience companies currently have no viable alternative.
  • The trend away from plastic foams is currently being catalyzed by global conversations about the future of our environment, leaving a massive opportunity for those who can provide a truly sustainable alternative to these unwanted materials.
The TemperPack emblem represents the intersection of our two most closely held values: unbeatable packaging engineering and sustainability.

Through smarter sourcing and innovative materials engineering, our team has been able to divert and repurpose hundreds of thousands of pounds of material from U.S. landfills.

December 2017 Goals

Biological Carbon Sequestration (CO2E): 300,000 LB
Carbon Emissions Avoided (CO2E): 500,000 LB
Plastic Foam Diverted From Landfills: 200,000 LB
Total Repurposed Material: 3,000,000 LB
Jobs Created: 350+ full time equivalents

Our Co-Founders

TemperPack is proudly headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.

3807 Castlewood Road, Richmond, VA 23234